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I have been living in Chile for four and a half years now and had the opportunity to try some of the many Chilean restaurants. Here you will find the best restaurants and bars in Santiago from the most revered local institutions that combine Chilean wine with cheese and cold cuts to gastronomic gems that promote a new way of preparing food using harvested ingredients. These are five restaurants I keep returning to. I've tried many different restaurants in the last four years I have lived in Chile, but these are my five favorite places to dine with a view and enjoy what I consider the best cuisine in Latin America.

If you want to visit the city and just get a feel for Chilean food, this is a great place to try if you stay a little longer. re in the city for a few days or even just a few days, here are some of the best restaurants in Santiago I have tried for local cuisine.

This restaurant is what I would have imagined as chef Sergio Barroso when he moved to Chile from his native France in the late 1990s. Before he opened Borago, most restaurants in Santiago looked to Europe for inspiration, but now that the 39-year-old chef has opened the restaurant, it is being touted as one of the best restaurants on the island of Chile with an emphasis on local ingredients.

Although Chile's restaurant scene has made incredible progress since 2010, Chile is still not a place where you can go to any restaurant and find a good meal. The Peruvian and Mexican cuisine has become very popular in recent years and it is definitely worth visiting.

If you are in the historic center of Santiago, you will find a number of restaurants where you can eat a cheap meal for less than $10. The streets are lined with traditional Chilean restaurants serving delicacies such as empanadas, sopaipilla and prieta, alongside modern restaurants serving dishes from around the world.

The upscale Las Condes district has a number of gourmet restaurants, including the Santiago. If you want to immerse yourself in the cuisine of a more exotic country like Argentina, Chile or Mexico, these restaurants will focus on celebrating the indigenous cuisine of Chile and embed you in the places you visit, whether you are in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris, London, New York or Tokyo.

While family asado is certainly a different experience, there are a number of restaurants that can bring you closer to Chile's love of barbecuing. If you are looking for Mexican cuisine in Santiago, you can find some of the best options here. In Santiago Chile you may want to make sure you eat the typical food here, but if you have tried empanadas from northern Chile, Santiago or Patagonia, you can try some new species on your trip to the rest of this country. Where to eat traditional Chilean asado in Santiago, Chile: The food is best with fresh ingredients that can really taste good.

In addition to the delicious food, you will experience a relaxed and friendly atmosphere unlike any other restaurant in Santiago.

Chile's food culture differs from north to south, and Santiago, the country's capital, is no exception. Chile is known for its good food and wine, but in other areas it is beg for its unique culture and food traditions. In the sprawling capital of Chile, visitors can taste some of Chile's most popular foods. Santiago also has a wide variety of food, making it the ideal place to try all five types of traditional Chilean cuisine.

Tucked away in the basement of Tinto Boutique Hotel Bellavista, this Top 50 list says there are 040 restaurants in Santiago, all of which apply a high degree of technical skill to Chile's rich indigenous ingredients. This restaurant was voted number one on TripAdvisor's Cheap Eats list and was also mentioned by the late Anthony Bourdain on Reservations Chile. The terrace of the restaurant on W. Santiago Street is particularly atmospheric after dark and provides a perfect place to dine with friends and family.

La Concepcion in Providencia specializes in a sophisticated interpretation of Chilean classics, and the chef / owner is himself a legend in the Chilean culinary scene. This truck stops at every corner of the city to serve a variety of dishes from the country's most famous chefs and restaurants (for more information, see this video). This is one of Chile's oldest and most popular restaurants in this self-proclaimed republic, which has a long history of success.

In the last 15 years, Borago restaurant and chef Rodolfo Guzman has transformed Chile's culinary landscape. The Baco Bistro was one of the first restaurants in Santiago to take wine service seriously, and it is still the place to dine with its perfectly combined wine and dishes.

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